Audience Sees, Hears Story with Soundslides

Soundslides is the popular free software that permits the photojournalist to build a slide show from the photojournalist's take and adding location sounds, interviews and music.

Two other software programs that one wants to download with Soundslides are Audacity® and Switch. Audacity is an audio editing software and Switch changes most any audio file to the MP3 file required by Soundslides.

The Soundslide production, Chernobyl, is the first effort of Robert R. Mercer immediately after a 45 minute lesson in sound slides from Amara Aguilera, multimedia instructor at Pierce Community College. The lesson took place at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges' Fall 2008 SoCal Conference Nov. 14-15 at California State University, Fullerton.

The music is copyrighted under the creative commons. It was found on Wikipedia Sound/List that lists music in the public domain and creative commons.

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