Visual Communications, MM110

How and why we see is as important as what we see.

Visual Communications, Multimedia 110c, teaches the physiology and psychology behind graphics that communicate. This sequence of pages hosts the homework by the multimedie students of Cypress College.

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Now, view the completed assignments:

Assignment II Visual Haiku:

Visual Haiku Sense, Select and Perceive and then Create three, 3-image presentations that relate to each other because of content or design, but are not a chronology of action. Explain the logical thinking behind your design.

Again, there are three separate groups of images, each group containing three images. How you organize these images in relation to each other is for you to decide. If you chose to work in three-dimensions, you must make photographs or videos of the objects in order to submit them online.

Your design must be based upon a logical process about which you write and explanation as part of your homework submission.

Assignment III:

Assignment III: Color, Form, Depth, Movement
Create a two-dimensional visual message that depends upon Color, Form, Depth, and Movement. Read Chapts 4 & 5. Read the course documents for this assignment. Then, write an explanation as to how the piece uses Color, Form, Depth, and Movement. Keep in mind how one creates the illusions of things being closer or father away. Explore stereoscopic (3-D) effects, the flip book, and selective vision (montage) techniques in deciding what to create. Think funny.

Remember, you have to be able to explain why you have chosen these methods to support this message.

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